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Tribal Rose Cross Light Up Vest


The new Tribal Rose Light Up Vest looks great on all body shapes with its adjustable side seams. The Rose Cross symbolizes a connection of angles meeting at a central point, a common ground. It is a symbol of transmutation, creating something beautiful out of the darkness. It also determines there is no beginning and no end in the cycle of life, remaining constantly fluid. The Tribal Rose Cross also has a secret in its curves. A hidden word braids on every turn, lux (light)! Our vests have super soft faux fur and exceptionally low-profile lighting design. Made in the USA. Always Faux Fur.

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  • Soft-touch High Fashion Faux Fur
  • Genuine Leather
  • Real Sterling Silver details
  • Lined with Balinese Silk
  • Patented low-profile LED lighting design
  • Internal Pocket
  • Single zipper opening
  • Adjustable side seams

The Tribal Rose Light Up Vest on the Runway


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