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ElectroFur Animal Light Up Hood Multicolored

Glowing fur at Vancouver’s Wreck Beach

We started Spring off with a trip to Vancouver’s Wreck beach to watch the equinox sunset. There was still a chill in the air, so I decided to take an extra layer of warmth – my ElectroFur vest. As my friends and I headed on our adventure, a steady stream of people were coming and going up and down the seemingly endless stairs to the Pacific.

My friends and I nestled up to a log, cracked a beer, munched on our snacks and settled in to watch the waves, seals, surf and sun. There were people around us from all over the world and we could hear several languages conversing and laughing. It was a marvelous, relaxing way to say goodbye to the winter sun and welcome in the new longer Spring days.

As it grew darker and the sun slipped behind the clouds on the horizon, I turned on my beautiful fun fur vest. I love it when I do this, as it always draws so many curious, wonderful people to me. The vest created a warm pink glow that spread out to shine on my friends and I. Sure enough, in a few minutes I had two French girls, a German fellow and another from Vancouver all approach me to ask to have a closer look. People LOVE this glowing fur.

If I could, I’d wear glowing fun fur everywhere I went! It always makes people smile, and I feel so fun wearing it.

– Julie Jingles, Guest Blogger 

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